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AET Overview

Safeguarding over 1.3 million acres of the Amboseli Ecosystem  

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust (AET) is a not-for-profit umbrella organization that brings together the local community, governmental, conservation and developmental stakeholders in the Amboseli Ecosystem to drive collective action and innovative collaborations for the wellbeing of the people, wildlife and habitats of the ecosystem.

AET Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Our History

A story of pioneering collaboration for improved livelihoods and sustainable conservation

 The 1990s – Preamble

The establishment and development of wildlife conservancies in the Amboseli Ecosystem is prompted by the conservancies’ revolution that saw a deviation from the protectionist model of conserving biological resource in state-protected areas (parks and reserves) to a more adaptive conservation model.

The novel model sought to expand space for wildlife by enlisting individual and communal landowners to allocating tracts of their land for wildlife conservation and in so doing enable the community to draw economic benefits from wildlife.

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Our Leadership

A team committed to transformative and sustainable conservation of the Amboseli Ecosystem

Our work and impact is steered by our two-tier leadership, comprising the Amboseli Governing Council and the Board of Trustees. The two are supported by a dedicated Secretariat.

Together, the AET strives to unite, amplify and scale transformative conservation efforts across the intricate Amboseli Ecosystem.

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Our Partners

Leveraging our collective knowledge and passion to safeguard the livelihoods and wildlife in the Amboseli Ecosystem

Sustainably safeguarding the Amboseli Ecosystem is no mean task. It is bigger than any one individual, institution or government.

AET harnesses the strengths, resources and networks by bringing together programme partners, government agencies, donors and funders to jointly address the complex challenges and untapped potential of the Amboseli Ecosystem.

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Join Our Team

A shared devotion to building a future where communities and wildlife thrive

Thank you for your interest in joining AET.

As the umbrella conservation body in the Amboseli Ecosystem, we are continually looking for dedicated, adaptable and high-performing professionals with a passion for conservation and the elevation of local communities.

If you have the experience that suits a position, and our vision and values align with yours, we encourage you to apply for the open position that fits your expertise and join us in building a future where our people and our nature coexist and thrive. 

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

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