Help Protect & Restore the Amboseli Ecosystem

Over the last decade, we have secured 1.3 million acres of critical land

As the unifying conservation organ in the Amboseli Ecosystem, we are working harder than ever to safeguard this vital ecosystem through community conservation for the benefit of the wildlife and the over 65,000 households that currently depend on it.

The global decline of wildlife species due to large-scale changes of habitats means community-led conservation is essential to safeguarding the numerous essential migratory corridor and dispersal areas found outside state-protected parks and reserves.

Your support helps us protect and restore the most vital habitats in the Amboseli Ecosystem.

Stand with us.

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AET Amboseli Ecosystem Trust


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Let’s Collaborate!

As a grassroots umbrella body, we are inspired by the commitment of our partners, who make it possible for us to improve livelihoods and safeguard wildlife through community conservation in the Amboseli Ecosystem.

If you wish to explore a partnership with AET, please contact our development personnel at