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Uniting wildlife conservation and community elevation efforts in the Amboseli Ecosystem


Uniting wildlife conservation and community elevation efforts in the Amboseli Ecosystem.

The Amboseli Ecosystem has a vibrant community-led conservation sector supported by various non-governmental organizations working in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the community leadership.

AET’s work and impact is grounded in our ability to coordinate these efforts and partnerships to create a thriving future for the people and wildlife of the ecosystem.

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Socioeconomic & Community Livelihood

AET’s socioeconomic programme focuses is driven by the appreciation that sustainable conservation can only be attainable if the community is actively involved as partners and derive tangible socioeconomic benefits. The programme comprises three focal areas: community partnerships and education, community conservancies support, and rangelands management and restoration.

Tourism Development and Management

The Amboseli Ecosystem is a leading tourist destination in the country. AET’s tourism programme seeks to support the local community to tap into the landscape’s influx of local and international tourists to develop income-generating tourism products and services.

AET Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Natural Resource Management

The Amboseli Ecosystem is an intricate ecosystem connected by fragile ecological corridors. These corridors are under increased threat from bushmeat poaching, water abstraction and habitat conversion due to the rise in land fragmentation and unplanned land use, coupled with heavy grazing pressure and recurrent drought.

AET’s natural resources management programme seeks to tackle these massive threats though three focal areas: the ecosystem plan, community rangers and improved human-wildlife coexistence

Institutions & Governance

Sustainable conservation is only possible if it is profitable to the local community. It is for this reason that AET works with partners such as the Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) to support the continuous strengthening of the governance and management capacity of Amboseli conservancies.

AET works directly with the bona fide community leaders through community umbrella bodies such as the Amboseli Tsavo Group Ranches Conservation Association (ATGRCA) and the Amboseli Tsavo Community Rangers Association (ATCRA) to execute its institutions and governance programme

AET Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

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