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A hub for science expeditions and educational safaris

Amboseli Ecosystem is not only a popular tourist attraction but also a well-established research destination.

The elephants of the landscape, for example, have been the subject of some of the longest elephant studies in Africa.

Science and education centres, such as the Noonkotiak Community Resource Centre, provide a central area where the locals and visitors can access ample data on wildlife and ecological studies of the landscape.


The Noonkotiak Community Resource Centre

The Noonkotiak Community Resource Centre is a knowledge-sharing hub and a research focal point for the whole Amboseli Ecosystem.

Located at the Olgulului Group Ranch, the centre was officially launched in March 2016 by the African Conservation Centre.

It provides a vital hub to coordinate the gathering and dissemination of information and greatly improves collaboration by providing a platform where communities, scientists and conservationists can converge.

Within the centre is a Women’s Empowerment Project that is enabling the local Maasai women to earn an income by managing a cultural homestay tourism product: The Maasai cultural boma, which provides accommodation and cultural experience to visitors.

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