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Discover our projects conserving wildlife and improving livelihoods across the Amboseli Ecosystem.

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Our Programmes

Uniting wildlife conservation and community elevation efforts in the Amboseli Ecosystem The Amboseli Ecosystem has a vibrant community-led conservation sector supported by various non-governmental organizations working in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the community leadership. AET’s work and impact is grounded in our ability to coordinate these efforts and partnerships to create a thriving future for the people and wildlife of the ecosystem.

AET Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Our Campaigns

AET, in partnership with the Justdiggit Foundation, is implementing the Bringing Back Grasses and Forest Cover Campaign. This is supporting the local community to revive tracts of land degraded from extensive grazing in the Olgulului-Ololarashi Group Ranch (adjacent to the Amboseli National Park), and to recover hundreds of hectares of forest cover in the Park.


Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Our Resource Centre

A hub for science expeditions and educational safaris  Amboseli Ecosystem is not only a popular tourist attraction but also a well-established research destination.

The elephants of the landscape, for example, have been the subject of some of the longest elephant studies in Africa. Science and education centres, such as the Noonkotiak Community Resource Centre, provide a central area where the locals and visitors can access ample data on wildlife and ecological studies of the landscape.

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

Our Impact

Celebrating a decade-plus of Transformative Conservation Impact