Tourism Development and Management

The Amboseli Ecosystem is a leading tourist destination in the country.

AET’s tourism programme seeks to support the local community to tap into the landscape’s influx of local and international tourists to develop income-generating tourism products and services. It mainly explores enterprise prospects:


Wildlife Tourism

Looks into the job creation and income-generation opportunities for the community through the establishment of eco-tourism facilities and leasing land to tourism partners, among others.

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Cultural Tourism

Looks into culture-based ecotourism ventures, such as the Noonkojak cultural boma initiative that seeks to enable the local women to earn through provision of homestay accommodation and the sale of indigenous, handcrafted jewellery.

Henry Kosgei, a Kenya Wildlife Service Ranger, Meru National Park, Kenya monitoring the Black Rhino,s (Diceros bicornis) at Meru National Park. Meru National Park is home of there endangered Black Rhinos

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